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At LPA, our low cost, retained support provides you with unlimited access to HR support at the end of the phone, ready to respond to your queries and provide detailed, accurate advice whenever you need it, plus on-site support where required, and bi-annual workshops to keep you updated.

Alternatively, we also work with clients on a one-off project such as contracts, handbooks, redundancy and restructuring.


HR Case Studies

LPA provides personal, hands-on support relevant to clients’ resources and needs:

Long-term Ill Health:

Our client had an employee who had been absent from work for 4 months signed off with stress and didn’t know how to manage the situation.

LPA guided the client through a clear process to manage the situation fairly and legally. The end result in this situation was that the employee’s contract was terminated on the grounds of capability. LPA provided an Action Plan, letters and telephone advice for each step in the process.


HR Best Practice:

Our client, employing in excess of 40 staff had minimum HR policies and procedures in place and were concerned about whether they were meeting statutory obligations.

LPA carried out a review of their HR systems, practices and paperwork and supported them to put in place an appropriate HR framework that met their legal obligation and reflected best practices relative to their organisation size and industry.

Redundancy and Restructure:

Our client, employing 30 employees, needed to reduce the sales team from 4 to 2 members; therefore requiring a selection process.

LPA met with the Directors, explained the process they needed to follow, and then provided a clear step by step action plan for them to follow (meeting plans, scripts and relevant letters and paperwork were provided, including communication to the wider team). LPA also attended the final redundancy meetings with the Director to give support.

A smooth process was achieved and the employees felt that the process was handled very professionally and credibly, despite the outcome.

Recruiting the Right People:

The client wanted to appoint a new Finance Director. This was a key, expensive appointment for the organisation and they wanted to get it right – having made some poor decisions in the past.

LPA put in place a robust process– which included the provision of a job and person specification. The company short-listed candidates against set criteria; LPA prepared a structured interview process with interview questions and a presentation that tested both technical and behavioural aspects required in the role; and also attended the interviews as an objective, third party.

The process was cost-effective, professional and a successful appointment was made – setting in place for the candidate the standards the organisation worked to.

Managing Poor Performance:

Our client had a difficult employee whose quality of work and commitment was impacting on the rest of the team; this had been going on for over 6 months and couldn’t continue. The line manager did not have the skills or confidence to deal with the situation; and was also aware that the employee could be very difficult and emotional.

We spent time talking to the Manager and explaining the options available to manage this situation. Once the most appropriate option was agreed, the Manager was then guided very carefully by LPA through an ‘informal process’ which involved gathering facts and information, meeting with the employee to explore any mitigating factors, providing feedback, setting specific goals and a timescale for review with clear consequences if performance didn’t improve.

The informal approach resulted in the employee deciding to seek alternate employment and resigned 3 weeks later.

New Appraisal Process:

Our client required a process that would motivate, grow and focus employees; and provide an objective system to rewarding employees.

LPA’s approach was to hold a 2 hour lunch-time session with the Management Team focussing them on what outcomes they specifically wanted from an appraisal process. LPA then designed a bespoke performance management process (with input throughout from a cross section of managers and team members) that was user friendly; jargon-free; allowed for two-way feedback against core relevant company competencies; set clear goals and a learning and development plan. LPA then ran a half day in-house workshop to train Managers; and a one hour lunch time session to inform and train employees.

The result was a bespoke process that was owned and understood by the whole organisation.