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It is not always cost-effective to have the overheads of an HR department or rely on high legal fees. Our retained HR Consultancy service gives you a responsive, professional and personal relationship with HR consultants at the end of the phone, legally qualified and ready to respond to queries and provide detailed, accurate advice whenever you need it.

If you want your Human Resources management to be effective, manageable and affordable and to address potential HR risks, then call LPA today. We’re a small friendly team of dedicated HR consultants who focus on providing business-focussed HR advice.


The benefits for you:

  • Legal compliance and protection for your organisation and the people within it
  • Specialist HR advice and help to ensure you make the right people decisions for your business
  • Knowledge and awareness of best practice and future developments that impact on your business
  • Third party expert advice to help you make good commercial people decisions that support the business and employees

Signing up to our HR Forum will give you:

  • An unlimited access to our helpline / advice service and support for all your human resources issues
  • A full review of your existing HR documentation including contracts and handbooks
  • The provision of all documentation, letters and policies required Law, tips, topics, standard letters and policies
  • The opportunity to attend centrally run workshops (bi – annually) on employment law and HR developments and best practice
  • Professional and personal support from someone who knows you and your organisation

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